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Musings with Pete Moss and The Honest Liberal. Sometimes with guests both famous and infamous.

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Obama really made a fool of himself this week! He could hardly wait for Monday to start making crude references to conservative, thinking Americans before minimizing the threat to letting unvetted refugees into the US the way they have... more

WOW! Seeing the morons protesting at the Mizzou campus this week and also the idiot talking to Neil Cavuto about the 1% ?hoarding? their money it is DEPRESSING! We are hoping that there are still hard working American kids... more

Houston's mayor thinks the most important thing in that city is people with or without a dingus should be able to use whatever bathroom they want. Really??? Meanwhile a gay man and his gay adopted son want to get ?married? and are... more

Ted Cruz will probably surge in the polls this week as he called out the media for what they do and also called out the GOP for being complicit in overspending in the government. Trump continues to get more followers and is basically... more

Ben Carson surges ahead of Trump in Iowa where he has been and worked hard quite a bit. He and Trump have both been talking about immigration, Sharia law and the dangers of Islam. He has also done well in the group press... more

Can anyone believe how clueless the DC establishment is about what Trump is doing? They shouldn't be because Reagan did it before. He is singlehandedly hauling the quasi-socialist GOP back to the right and making them look more... more

McCarthy is gone for speaker but don't think it's some great victory because the head liberal Republican in the House shut all the electioneering down until he can find a new puppet he can lobby to after he's gone. That means we're stuck with... more

All the media is breathlessly reporting that Trump is slowing down. Like him or hate him, it aint happening! This is what they want to happen because: ?How dare the people or non-politicians or non-pundits get involved in the presidential... more

Why you got to say that Pete? Never mind that this Pope never mentioned God or Jesus once in his address to Congress. Never mind that he kidded around with Fidel Castro (one of the 20th century's great serial killers) like it was their high... more

Who won the joint press conference? Pete says no one. Everyone seemed to say the right thing but there really wasn't much substance. CNN tried to scares us about Trump having his finger in the nuclear button. Much was made of him not... more