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New Possibilities

New Possibilities with Laurie Laursen


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Join Laurie, chatting about any area of your life that you would like to change or have a different perspective on, inviting New Possibilities using awareness and of course FUN!!

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We live in a reality that is very much based on getting an answer. Answers are conclusions that actually create an energy of Stop. What if there was something that created more in your life? What if asking a question would create more... more

As I was preparing for this show with the original title being 'Conclusions, are you living your life by them?', I really began to look at the opposite of concluding, being prepared, having the right answer, was being out of control. And I began... more

What is Interesting Point of View? What would it be like to live in Interesting Point Of View?! Is that really possible? What does living in and with Interesting Point of View create and why the heck would you want it? And what makes it... more

Have you every wondered why your life seems to stay the same? For the most part your job, what you do on your free time, etc is often the same thing? Have you ever heard of asking a question about what else could be possible for... more

Many of us have been living our lives by expectations. Expectations on how to be the good or right kind of Mom, Sister, Co-Worker, etc. And how about the expectations we have of ourselves? Expect our body to be a certain way, expect... more

Join Laurie as she questions around living an life that is comfortable. Is that comfortable or is that living in autopilot? And is that really living?

Fun?!? What is the purpose of that? Why is it important? What is fun for you? Join Laurie as she talks about the purpose of fun, and ideas on how you can see what is fun for you.

Are you in a job you don't like? Is there something else you wish you could be doing? Are you working with people that drive you crazy? Are you counting down the days until retirement? Join Laurie as she talks about tools that can create... more

When this show airs I will have returned from a holiday in the Dominican Republic. This was a huge milestone for me to choose this trip. Join me in finding out some tools that I used to create booking a trip that was out of my comfort... more