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Description: Religious principles and motivational, Bible-study, radio talk show listened to by faith-believing entertainment fans and audience. An unrehearsed KJV Bible-study and talk-show: Sherlene Stevens, a Christian host, offers modern-day translations of the Bible for learning. Sherlene is the overseer of God In Christ's Purpose Assembly, and marketplace ministry encouraging entrepreneurship, skilled trades and helping their customers. Also, topics of how to conduct a business while using Bible-based business practices . Great show for others, too, who are fearful of religious settings (or have experienced temple-, mosque-, or church-hurt), or simply "I don't do the attend-a-church-building thing." Sherlene encourages family traditions as consistent habits of the family lifestyle, and constructive family behavior motivations to increase family-bonding opportunities. Music MEI-sound 30-second highlights and new artists welcome, send to email. Give a gift now for future Building Ministry site location at SherleneStevens.com. Copyright 2009-2016. God in Christ's Purpose Assembly. All rights reserved.

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Event: Annual Everyone-is-Welcome Internet Revival. Message: The Parable of a Tree. The Parable of a Tree Explained. Scriptures: Old Testaments and Matthew 6:5-13. Topics: Definition of purpose, helpers, and productive actions of... more

Host and producer http://www.sherleneonline.com

Host and producer http://www.sherleneonline.com

Host and producer http://www.sherleneonline.com

Host and producer http://www.sherleneonline.com

Host and Producer http://www.sherleneonline.com The Show is now on summer-hours activities, now - August, 2016.

Host and Producer http://www.sherleneonline.com Announcement: Our Annual Internet Revival will be May 6-8, 2016. May 6 @ 6:30 p.m. EST, and May 7/8 @ 3 p.m., EST. This show is a tribute to entertainer Prince.

Host and producer, Sherlene Stevens.

Host and producer, Sherlene Stevens.
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