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The "New Monday Show" with Sherlene. Talk radio show and unrehearsed audio version of KJV Bible . Sherlene Stevens, the Christian host, offers modern-day translations of the Bible for learning: street ministry encouraging fine artists and entrepreneurs, and local bible study meetings. A great setting for people involved in the fine arts, starting or growing entrepreneurs who desire to use faith-believing business rules, and families. Vision: A show shared with Sherlene's audience family, and to those who are fearful of religious settings (or have experienced temple-, mosque-, or church-hurt), or simply "I don't do the attend-a-church-building thing, but would like to study the Bible and social cultures." Sherlene encourages the importance of family traditions, and constructive family behaviors to increase family-bonding opportunities. Broadcast Features: Music (Gospel, and secular MEI sound). Family Bonding Center Services. Copyright 2009-2016. All rights reserved.

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Host and Producer Sherlene Stevens. Career Opportunity is as an Agronomist.

Talk host and producer, Sherlene Stevens Facebook Page for Family-Friendly News and Topics

Talk Host and Producer, Sherlene Stevens. For Family-Friendly News and Topics. Featured Career Opportunity: Project Architect.

Talk Host and Producer, Sherlene Stevens. Facebook Page, Family-Friendly News and Topics Featured Employment Opportunity: Accountant.

Talk Host and Producer, Sherlene Stevens. Her website at http://SherleneOnLine.com For Family-Friendly News and Topics

Read along host and producer, Sherlene Stevens. http://SherleneOnLine.com

Host and producer, Sherlene Stevens. Website: http://www.sherleneonline.com

Read along Speaker and Producer, Sherlene Stevens. http://www.sherleneonline.com

New Monday Show. Host and producer, Sherlene Stevens. Sponsored by http://www.easysite.com/atimetolearn
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