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Robert M Barber

Newomen & Newmen


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There is a new category of Aware Beings on Planet Earth. Until recently, the highest level of aware-being was Human. That is no longer the case. Humans have evolved into Newmen, of both sexes. There are, now, about 500+ Purple-energy Humans who have transformed themselves into Newmen. All of the Newmen have evolved from advanced Humans; Humans who have been Adepts and Ascended Masters in many lives prior to this one. Are you ready to become a Newman or Newoman?

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Newomen & Newmen Intro Newomen & Newmen are people now who were Ascended Masters in previous lifetimes, and who have successfully reconfigured their energy centers through a process known as Cubing. To be Cubed,... more

"Adepts, masters and mahatmas are necessary links in the plan of evolution. Each has his place in the different planes of being. Each is an intelligence working consciously in the astral, the mental and spiritual worlds." AM&M Adepts,... more

Thinking and Destiny (T&D) by Harold Waldwin Percival http://www.thewordfoundation.org/b-Thinking_and_Destiny.htm Today's lesson: Self-suggestion It's been a hundred years (1912) since Harold Waldwin Percival... more

Our Special Guest Today is Mr. Orlando Salvato, Std Student of T&D since 1964 Master Mason since 1971 Worship Master of my lodge 1999-2000 Member-Royal Arch Charter member-Lodge of Research of the Grand Lodge of PA. Member of... more

How To Keep Demons & Aberrations Away In 3 Easy Steps This is how to keep demons & aberrations away after you Spin or Stir. With Silver Dollar, or other silver coin: Say: "My intent is to remove and keep away demons & aberrations."... more

To get out of Darkness you must do something totally opposite from what you are currently doing bad. Let's say you curse every other word. Stop cursing. By doing that you have just raised your vibration and are now headed to being Of... more

The Robert M. Barber Raise Your Vibration blogtalkradio Show explains how you can Raise Your Vibration, Spin to get rid of Demons & be Cubed to become a Newman. I will have readings of "Thinking and Destiny" & preparing You for... more