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Welcome to New Life Broadcast(An Internet Congregation),Which is an extension to Kingdom of Christ International Ministries here in San Antonio, TX.,where Apostle C.L.Yarber,Sr. is Senior Pastor,with Wife, Prophetess Cheryl Yarber, Teaching the Word of God in Relevance to today's times, Line upon line, Precept upon precept.This is an "Out of the Box" Ministry. (Please note that this is in no way meant to take the place(substitute) your being submitted to a local pastor in you r area.It's only a temporary place to get taught the word until you do!!!!!!!So come.....Join us!!!! Internet service Times: Morning Devotion:Mon-Fri:7am Regular Broadcasting:Fri-Sat:3pm and7pm. Also, Come visit us on our Telecast: Kingdom Television(UstreamTV)on my show page.

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Do we know who Satan really is according to scripture????, or is from what we've heard?????

Understanding that we will be opposed because we stand for the righteousness of the Lord!!!!

Unsderstanding Satan is already defeated and judged.....he has no power over the child of God!!!!!!!

Understanding the operation of Demons according to the Word of God

Do we really understand the purpose of Pentecost in the New Testament or the definition?????

We become more like Christ as we excercise the Word in our lives and submit to the Holy Spirit

Understanding that we as the Saints of God are instructed to be separate from the world: The Customs, Values, and Attitudes and Systems.
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