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DA NEWKXYS started as a podcast show called KXYS Express Yo Self Radio, March of 2011, where we would aim it towards hip-hop/west coast music, but still have topics about today issues with the ability to go live on the air and have people call in order to express their opinions. However, when we started to get great results and comments about the show from our audience, some are great fans. KXYS became more than just another podcast show but a voice without bias or fear of what is said. As the founder of KXYS we decided to not just begin it with radio or podcasting, you would say, but to begin it as a movement to voice what we want. We decided to turn KXYS Express Yo Self Radio into an empire that will serve not only us, voicing our opinion but to hear what everyone else is thinking and who has the strength to let their voice be heard about real topics and issues we have as a human being. It started as music and art, now it’s much more and much more real than ever. KXYS is a voice to the blind, and common sense to the nonsense. We keep it all the way 100% real and never fear what our thoughts or opinions might be looked upon as. We believe in your voice is your heart, and you should never let neither become weak. We hope by beginning this empire of this revolution to who we truly are as people. We will start a real movement where we will see things for what they are and not what they perceive as just because we live in as a close minded society. As you journey through our website, newsletter, radio show and start to see KXYS in events that is not only satisfying the movement of making our opinions matter, you will also want to join the feeling of freedom. It feels so good when you have a voice and people understand it, don't like it or learn to deal with it, but it still was heard loud and clear enough to get a response out of it. That's what and who KXYS really is, It’s Real Shit Real Topics Real Life and "WE PLAY YO SHIT!" For being the co-founder
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