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Join us at New Humanity Radio for a vibrant conversation on the developments of our planetary and humanitarian evolution. Corrina Steward, host of New Humanity Radio, discusses her heart activation work, co-creation, re-building the Earth and how we become the New Human, centered in our hearts, our soul essence and guided by the universal intelligence designed to liberate humanity and the Earth. Corrina is a Master Energy Healer and teaches on the unified heart, the 4 codes of the heart that activate the New Human blueprint for the new heart-centered human being. It is her spiritual Earth purpose to transmit activations and New Human frequencies. She was activated into the New Human blueprint over the course of 5 years and is a bio-spiritual prototype for the New Human. Join us for a transformative, evolutionary exchange!

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Today is the Spring and Autumn Equinox, a powerful day of the energies of change and balance. We will talk about how you can take advantage of the Equinox energies to balance imbalances within you and to manifest change.... more

Seeking our truth is perhaps the most sought after wisdom. We want to know why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I decide what is best for me? Living our truth is multi-dimensional by nature. At different points in our search, we may... more

We are back! After an August break, we are ready to broadcast again, and it couldn't come at a better time. In August, we experienced the grand cross alignment--this after a season of many, many other energy portals and... more

Is there such thing as good and bad karma? What is karma and how does it affect our lives? Reality as most of us know it is the composite of karma. Karma is the cause and effect cycle that plays out in each of our lives and in the larger... more

We often hear that being in our heart, over our mind, is the path to enlightened living. Why is this? One reason is that the mind takes us out of the moment. Once we are no longer living in the moment all sorts of unease enters into our lives.... more

At a certain point in your spiritual journey, you may come to realize that your reality is up to you. Choice, awareness and acceptance are all keys to understanding how you create your reality. With every life situation, including... more

Many spiritual traditions espouse the virtues of humility and non-judgment as the way to enlightened living. This is easier said than done. How do we rise above judgment and see ourselves as all in the same boat? The truth is we are all the... more

Healing is the foundation to our spiritual evolution and transformation. At its most basic level, healing occurs in our cells, DNA and energetic bodies. As we healing, we are called to greater healing of our karmic past, our relationships, our... more

What's the point of spiritual evolution? Some might say it's to know and experience true joy. The potential and possibility for joy is all around us and within us. Why do we so often not choose joy? What exactly is joy? And what is... more

Some of you may have noticed that the energy on this planet is shifting a lot recently. The catastrophes we've witnessed are the direct result of waves of higher vibrational energy coming in from the solar system and upper... more
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