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Join us at New Humanity Radio for a vibrant conversation on the developments of our planetary and humanitarian evolution. Corrina Steward, host of New Humanity Radio, discusses her heart activation work, co-creation, re-building the Earth and how we become the New Human, centered in our hearts, our soul essence and guided by the universal intelligence designed to liberate humanity and the Earth. Corrina is a Master Energy Healer and teaches on the unified heart, the 4 codes of the heart that activate the New Human blueprint for the new heart-centered human being. It is her spiritual Earth purpose to transmit activations and New Human frequencies. She was activated into the New Human blueprint over the course of 5 years and is a bio-spiritual prototype for the New Human. Join us for a transformative, evolutionary exchange!

On-Demand Episodes

Join New Humanity Radio for a ground-breaking conversation about Heart Intelligence. We will be talking with Gabriele Leidecker of Dimensional Realignment (DRA) about the Heart Intelligence and the ThoughtiSphere, the... more

On March 22, 2014, Corrina will transmit for the first time in a global event the unified heart codes that awaken the unified heart. When activated, the unified heart accelerates you into the infinite field of creation where all possibilities... more

As 2010 nears its end, we are witnessing the rise of a new global consciousness. And with it, old power structures are becoming visibly outmoded and a higher dimension of love and light is rooting into our planet. Join us for a discussion on... more

For centuries (if not since the beginning of human beings) the female has been severed in her ability to create fully on planet Earth. As we move towards a planetary leap into our next human frontier, the female is becoming whole. With... more

Each of us is eternally wise. Yet, we may not always feel that we have the knowledge to lead our lives solidly. As we transcend into the evolutionary spiral, we discover that we have deep knowledge that has in fact been with us... more

On Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010, a million people will join together to imagine and create a new reality for planet Earth. This event is one of many actions that are connecting our hearts and minds to literally project a higher consciousness into... more

Our inner divine light holds the key to our spiritual awakening. There are many ways to open ourselves up to this light. It can come through a conversation, a song, a place, a healer, a meditation and many more spontaneous... more

As you mature into your spiritual journey, there comes a time when you may doubt your choices, actions and journey thus far. This is a time to remember the tools that have worked and to re-invest in your faith. Setting intentions, believing... more

Mind over matter its the key to overcoming just about any fear, sickness, and dis-ease. How do we learn to heal ourselves? The New Humanity is about knowing that we do not need anything outside of ourselves. Learning to trust our... more

Join us for a heart-felt conversation on gratitude. Gratitude is the doorway to abundance and our true creative selves. We will be discussing how to feel gratitude in our daily lives. We will also share our own experiences in opening... more
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