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NEWDradio is the premier resource to get your weekly tongue-in-cheek exposes on music, film, art, trends, politics and culture. NEWDradio, just like the magazine, is the source for the artsy, independent-thinking twentysomething. From banter about pop-style trend-setters, movies of the week, love and relationships to slice-of-life perspectives on social injustice and new spiritual discoveries, we are committed to an intelligent no-holds-barred approach at covering life. Radio personalities include: Tiffani Knowles, Pastor Andre Harrison, Tasha Phipps and Crystal Dundas It's all about baring all to expose truth.

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Join us as we speak to a panel of men who will take on NEWDradio's toughest male-female relationship scenarios. We will determine who is indeed the manliest man of all. Culture vultures, Tiffani Knowles, Erica Brown and Billy... more

In a semi-cynical look at our 4th of July holiday, NEWDradio explores the immigrant experience in this country -- one that is tenuous, and yet the undocumented and partially documented immigrant seem to hold steadfast to... more

Join us as we highlight high school students who graduated, but shouldn't have. Hear the amazing success story of Haitian immigrant and orphan, Estanley Baptiste as he fought his way to becoming a prestigious Miami Silver Knight... more

In honors of Father's Day, join us as we interview dads who have taken sole responsible for their children as a result of negligent, unfit or plain old deadbeat moms. Call, chat or skype into the show to ask your questions live. Hotline:... more

Join us live as we talk with football enthusiasts, native South Africans and foreigners on the ground in SA about the football fever that has descended upon the southernmost African nation. What will be the effects of the 2010 World... more

Join us as we talk live with David Goldberg aka Jela, the man behind the unapologetic handbook to reduce culture shock between the races. From why White people are more courageous at the office to establishing the White... more

Join us live as we talk with a male and female relationship coach as they give us the business on how to snag a boo, how to keep one and how to finally take your boo on a trip down the aisle. Call in with questions on relationship woes! As... more

The notion that Black people have to work and perform regular tasks twice as well as White people just to get ahead, especially in corporate America, has been dubbed "The Black Tax" for some time. Join us live as we interview Jody David... more

Suicide is now among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44. When a teen romance ends or the woes of life become too difficult to take, is suicide the only option? Live interview with Dr. Sherry Molock, professor at... more

Join us live as we talk with Shirley Vernae Williams, founder and CEO of Like Us Entertainment and the writer and creator of “Like Us, " a nationally syndicated radio drama. Her goal is to better the image of African Americans in the media... more
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