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Welcome to New Colony Network. We strive to present a broad spectrum of creditable individual stories, current events, local, national and world news. Listen to New Colony Network for the news mainstream media will not report! We value truth and the Constitution as well as American tradition.

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Defefending Conservative Values and the Constitution The one thing that most americans have in common-other than being americans- is the fact we all have ancestors that were immigrants to the US at some point in history. However, what we have today is an immigration situation that is out of control and getting worse everyday. And in true Obama form, the President issued an Executive Order to shield 5 million ILLEGAL Immigrants from deportation: in blatant defiance of the Constitution and the rule of law. Furthermore, the President, his administration and the Democart Party take the position that any discussion against ILLEGAL immigration is racist on it's face. However, the american people are smarter than the bitter" sour grapes" liberals. The liberals can't seem to grasp the concept that if you enter the US without permission, then you have committed a crime. That by definition is a criminal act. We'll duscuss what the liberals are afraid to discuss. J4P updates please listen to Firefoxnewsonline right here on blogtalkradio also listen to wolfpack on patriot radio
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