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Welcome to New Colony Network. We strive to give you a broad spectrum of information and news important to any Patriot. Listen to New Colony Network for the true news, the news our media will not report! * Due to the passing of Robin Light NCN will not broadcast until further notice.*

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Monday with Orion! Join Orion and Snooper, as we either make you angry or set you straight! This is a caller driven show. The hosts at New Colony Network need to know - "What do you think?" Call in to speak to the host or to listen... more
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Minuteman and Firehawk host militia news and current events. With guest, Ron Cross and others.

It's not too late to save America, but we must act now! American patriots must start planning now for the coming revolultion. If you're not ready you could be thrown into a detention center and held illegal ly, your bank accounts and other... more

New Colony Network introduces our newest host, Ron Cross, Researcher and Investigator. With topics from Constitutional laws and interests to Paranormal investigations, in real time. Join NCN and Ron each Sunday night at 8:00 PM... more

As they say, "The truth will set you free". Since we all want to be free, I suppose finding the truth would be in order. Determining what the truth actually is seems so incredibly difficult these days. It never seems to be yes or no or black... more

special guests to be announced by Marc from

Mr. Wilburn is a veteran of the U.S. Army 10th Special Forces Group with multiple deployments to hostile regions. He is a current firearms and tactical trainer for many, many groups around the country and carries over 37 years of... more

Minuteman and Firehawk will return Next week, Tuesday 8:00 PM EST! At the very last minute the show topic was changed, our show guests. Ron Cross and Shane covered. please note: In the very beginning of this show you will need to... more

Social and economic chaos could be 24 hours away no matter who gets elected! Are you prepared for collapse ,unlike the citizens in the NE? The Firehawk Report looks at what may happen, and what will happen despite weeks and months of... more

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"I thought they would come." This was the last transmission by the fourth and final victiim of the 9-11-2012 attack on the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi, Libya. What he couldn't have known was that there were American troops just... more
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