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Welcome to New Colony Network. We strive to give you a broad spectrum of information and news important to any Patriot. Listen to New Colony Network for the true news, the news our media will not report!

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Conservative news talk on today's issues that affect all Americans. Today: The Moore,Oklahoma killing. ISIS has called for " Lone Wolf" terrorists to act on their own in the US. Is this what's to come or is this just " workplace violence" as... more

Conservative news talk on today's issues that affect all Americans. Tonight: Obama authorizes air strikes on ISIS targets in Syria. We'll discuss what has happened thus far and the greater implications to US security. Please visit this... more

Karen and guests will be discussing Charles case as it relates to BAR Association guidelines and discrepancies in the case from both sides of the aisle. We will be open to call in questions and encourage people to call in with any issues or... more

Conservative news talk on today's issues that affect all Americans. Tonight: Elections have consequences. This fact is even more evident today , as we see just how weak President Obama is on the world's stage. Even more crucial... more

Stand together for Charles Dyer! This show is an update and overview of the case the case of Charles Dyer. Karyn will cover the brief, and update listeners on the appeal. Host Karyn will also discuss the extension filed by the DA. Joining Karyn... more

FIREHAWK IS BACK! Tonight, Firehawk presents the first American Firestorm file: Collapse on All Fronts; Reset versus Revolution. The US economy is terminal. Our southern border is an unsecured gateway for illegal aliens, terrorists, and... more

Johnathon had his daughter abducted by CPS for his involvment with the Oathkeepers, but his story did not end there. The powers that be opened up a new case on him from that and he now is a prisoner of the system. Come tale a... more

Join New Colony and Wolfpack as he speaks about veterans! Our vets ARE the good guys! also see this video to learn of the mistreatment's, the money made by VA Drs to label vets.

Conservative oriented show discussing the traditional values of the United States as it was founded. Special attention to the support of our military, veterans rights, the militia and The Constistution of the United States. Current events and... more

The Wolves Den! Join Wolfpack, on New Colony Network, live in the Wolves Den. Call in to listen or speak with the hosts (646) 478-3229. Patriot NEWS! The Wolves Den! Join Wolfpack, and co hosting with Wolf tonight is Signalis. On... more
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