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Welcome to New Colony Network. We strive to present a broad spectrum of creditable individual stories, current events, local, national and world news. Listen to New Colony Network for the news mainstream media will not report! We value truth and the Constitution as well as American tradition.

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Defefending Conservative Values and the Constitution The one thing that most americans have in common-other than being americans- is the fact we all have ancestors that were immigrants to the US at some point in history. However,... more

Defending the Constitution and Conservative Values Noone really wants to talk about the "I" word when it comes to a US President. That word is Impeachment. But in today's world-and with this president especially- the option... more

Defending Conservative Values and the US Constitution Once again I'll be discussing an issue that completely inflames the liberals- The Militia.We'll discuss what is it is, what it isn't and it's authority to exist. Addditionally, we'll discuss it's... more

Defending Conservative values and the US Constitution Once again President Obama shows his true nature. Recently, at a prayer breakfast he all but outright defended Islam over Christianity by referencing The Crusades, slavery in... more

Article 3 of the US Constitution created the Judicial Branch. This is better known as the Supreme Court of the United States. ( SCOTUS). Of the 3 branches of the federal government, this branch may very well be the most powerful and... more

"Freedoms Voice" Live tonight 9:00 PM E. Join us in chat on Blog talk radio or call in to listen. (646) 478-3229 - If you wish to speak to the host, while on hold, hit one at any time. *Tonight, January 30, 2015, "Freedoms Voice" will not... more

Defending conservative values and the US Constitution First Hour: The liberal bias against law enforcement has reared it's ugly head in the recent events between law enforcement and the people. The Michael Brown and Eric Garner... more

It seems everyone else has a rebuttal to Obama's speech last night. So, why not me too? In typical Obama fashion, he talked for over an hour and said NOTHING of substance. one would think he's still campaigning for office? Instead... more

Starting January 9th I will be back on New Colony Network with a new show that will be called *Freedoms Voice.* We will be reaching out to the people in general to give them a voice. We will be teaching and discussing our responsibilities... more

Defending Conservative values and the Constitution First Half: American ingenuity has been and still is one of the big assets of America and the american people, We'll discuss it's historical effect. Second Half: Continuing with the Constitution... more
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