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Welcome to New Colony Network. We strive to give you a broad spectrum of information and news important to any Patriot. Listen to New Colony Network for the true news, the news our media will not report!

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Once again the nation is faced with another " No Bill' from a Grand Jury in regards to the death of a black man at the hands of the police. This time in the Big Apple. As usual, the liberal media jumps on the race band wagon. But this... more

The trouble in Ferguson, Missouri is indicative of a serious problem we have in the United States: race baiting.Liberals and democrats use this tactic to maintain the divide between sections of the American population to achieve one goal:... more

I'm glad to be back America! After some much needed time off I'm back on the air with the conservative message to all Americans. Look at the word "hypocrite" in the dictionary and you should see Obama's picture beside the entry.He... more

Tonight: It's very simple America! Will you cast a vote to stop Obama and his agenda? What say you America!? This is the most crucial Mid Term Election in US history. We have to stop Obama and the Democrats from taking... more

No thanks to President Obama. Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is back on US soil. This is a prime example of how the entire Obama presidency is a failure and how the President has no conception of reality nor any connection with the will of... more

Tonight: Pre 2014 Mid Term Election Special. We'll discuss the key races and exactly what's at stake in this historic Mid Term Election. This will be the most important Mid Term Election in US History. On November 4 , 2014 the American... more

We will continue with our discussion on Ebola and it's ramifications to National Security. We'll also discuss the latest developments concerning Ebola in the US and Obama's outrageous choice of an " Ebola Czar". Make no mistake, this is... more

Conservative news talk on today's issues that affect all Americans. Tonight: Ebola and it's potential impact on National Security. Too many Americans are apathetic to the grave risk the US is currently under from a potential Ebola... more

Historically, the Militia has been one of the mainstays of the security of the United States. In fact. many belive it alone is the single biggest reason the US has not been invaded by an enemy force. Contrary to what the libtards say, the Militia is... more

Today: Eric Holder's resignation is the politically convenient thing for Obama right before the mid term elections. The Fast and Furious documents will no doubt paint him and Obama in a very bad light. However, the real motivation... more
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