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New-Be Paranormal Podcast


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New-Be Paranormal Podcast is designed to be a "learning experience" for those who are young in the field or are considering becoming an investigator. Also, the program is an excellent refresher for the more seasoned investigator. Tommy, the host, learned many things the hard way, as he professes to be self-taught. Basic concepts of investigating, issues in the paranormal community, and (the part that is most fun) paranormal entities, and how to deal with them

On-Demand Episodes

In the morass of people in the field screaming "paranormal unity" many groups have started to team up to investigate together. TJ (Tommy Joe) discusses in part I of II why this may not be the best idea. Brought to you by: Mystic... more

Many locations that are at first considered haunted are actually not, at least not in an obvious sense. EMF plays a roll in creating a false haunting. TJ will discuss the different variables and explain the EMF detector / readings. He, as... more

Join TJ in this enlightening discussion about something that everyone notices, even discusses, but does little about the problem. That is unity within the paranormal field. With a waning interest via media, what will happen to the... more

The terms "soul" and "spirit" are often used interchangeably. Written off as simple semantics. But, philosophically, and Biblically, the two are soul and separate. TJ and co-host, Shane Hobbs, discuss the issues (Religious, philosophical)... more

Newbe Paranormal Special Series, "Terror Beyond the Campfire: Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tale Tell Heart" presented by your ghost host with the most, TJ. Also, TJ discusses the primative capability of each human being to commit murder.

Part I of II: The concept of being buried alive engenders fear in the hearts of anyone who thinks of such: Then, how quickly we write it off as an unreasonable fright which "could not possibly occur." Although much more unlikely than in the... more

Join TJ and Shane Hobbs, 21-year veteran in the paranormal field, and producer of the upcoming film "Alone" in a deep and even debatable discussion pertaining to science and 21 years in the field. Also, the Grand Prize Giveaway... more

Welcome to Newbe Paranormal Podcast's special series, "Terror Beyond the Campfire" A supplement to our regularly posted "weekend" podcast, Tj will read some of the most frightening tales that he can find, some of which he wrote... more

Have fun with Rickster, Kat, and Tommy Joe and special guest, Richard Contreras, as the four drive across rural Texas Panhandle, discuss previous topics, possibly a ghost box session, and overall good time! First time... more

Another Part I of II TJ takes a look at many of the ideas and some brief theory surrounding the pros and cons of ghost hunting in daylight vs. nighttime.