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New-Be Paranormal Podcast is designed to be a "learning experience" for those who are young in the field or are considering becoming an investigator. Also, the program is an excellent refresher for the more seasoned investigator. Tommy, the host, learned many things the hard way, as he professes to be self-taught. Basic concepts of investigating, issues in the paranormal community, and (the part that is most fun) paranormal entities, and how to deal with them

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The perfect place for new investigators seems to be cemeteries. Many do not have closing hours, they are known to be haunted, and they certainly have the "creep" factor that is sought after. However, cemeteries are filled with perils that... more

Featuring Shane Hobbs, Richard Contreras, Morgan Richardson, and "your ghost host with the most (hopefully) TJ Get to the chatroom and charge up those phones: Call us! Join the four of us live as we travel N on 287 through some... more

Lorraine Warren stated that "time warps take victims" when interviewed about the Amityville Case. What exactly does this mean? Most people think of a time warp as one being caught in another time period. The reference to a time warp... more

Richard Contreras, Kelley (Kat) West, and host, Tommy Bowers (TJ) discuss the often questionable techniques used in the field, ranging from witchcraft, to the most staunch of skeptics. Also, anomalies such as elementals and orbs,... more

TJ and Richard Contreras, after much discussion, decided that much is at stake when an investigator comes across a dark entity on a vigil. Most attention for the average team concerns gathering evidence and teachings on how to do so.... more

Tommy Joe Bowers, (TJ), Kat West, and Richard Contreras discuss the enmeshment of the two separate services taken on by many teams. Is it acceptable for a pseudo-investigator to cleanse your house? Is it safe for an... more

In the morass of people in the field screaming "paranormal unity" many groups have started to team up to investigate together. TJ (Tommy Joe) discusses in part I of II why this may not be the best idea. Brought to you by: Mystic... more

Many locations that are at first considered haunted are actually not, at least not in an obvious sense. EMF plays a roll in creating a false haunting. TJ will discuss the different variables and explain the EMF detector / readings. He, as... more

Join TJ in this enlightening discussion about something that everyone notices, even discusses, but does little about the problem. That is unity within the paranormal field. With a waning interest via media, what will happen to the... more