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Thank you for visiting "In Spirit and In Truth Ministries". I am your host Melva Rochelle Lavow. In Spirit and in Truth Ministries is a an Apostolic teaching and deliverance ministry that exhorts the body of Christ to hearken to the end time call of the Spirit of God. With a compassionate heart for those who are lost, deceived, and in spiritual bondage; this ministry will EXPOSE the devil and the works of darkness while releasing the counterattack of the Spirit of Truth to set the captive free.

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There will come a time when Christians will be forced to renounce their Faith and consequences for non compliance. A One World Religion is the same as Coexistence to ONE faith. Tune in as I discuss what that faith will be and why.... more
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Are you living a defeated life? Are mishaps and misfortunes your portion? Does it seem as if you're getting no help or answers from God? How do you know if you are living under the curse of the Law? Join me and we will find out.

We will continue where we left off last week while going deeper into Romans 6, 7, 8 in order to understand how to live under the Law of Spirit and Life and not the law of sin and death.

The Revivalist is back! And it's time for a Revival. We will start by understanding our tripartite being (spirit, soul, and body) in order to ensure that our spirit being reigns over the soul and body. Gal. 5:16 Mathew 26:41

We will discuss the angel of light, false revelations, and how to recognize false prophecy

Order in the Church! Pt 2. Leadership or lordship. Spiritual abuse in the Church. Will be discussing disorder in the Church and how God is going to bring it back in His Divine order.

Will be discussing disorder in the Church and how God is going to bring it back in His Divine order. Leaders who have not taken the opportunity to preach the unadulterated Word of God while they have their platforms are being replaced.... more

What Does it really mean to worship God In Spirit and In Truth? How do we bridge the gap between those divided in the Body of Christ due to Denominationalism? How do we minister to those who are lost in false... more

God wants us to clean up the prophetic. He can only bring HIS Word to pass, He looks over HIS Word to perform it. We will discuss the difference between prophetic utterance, moving by unction, and most unfortunately "presumption".

I will discuss and give examples on sharpening your discernment and I will also play one of Apostle Kim Daniel's teachings on spiritual discernment.

Apostle Kim Daniels has taught on the exact same subjects that God has given me. It is always good to have 2 or 3 witnesses. We will first discuss vain (evil, wicked) imagnations vs. the good imagination that is needed to bring the... more
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