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The Networking Diva Hour


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This weekly talk show is all about networking,business tips,to preparing for job interviews. Info on all the Do's & Don'ts for successful job searching to getting your business promoted!. Hear every week the information you may need that can help you to Success! To hear any of the previous shows go into the main page to see all the archived shows and click on the download icon for your convenience!

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Business promotion is an integral part of any business success, as it is through promotion that a business expands its customer/client base and opens new windows of opportunity. There are many ways to promote a business and each varies in regards to time, labor and cost. Many business plans use a combination of methods, based on individual needs and circumstances. We discussed Branding which falls in line with Promoting so tune in this week and hear from an expert on how simple this important factor is to promote you and your business. We will review Branding and promoting your business this week. Due to an emergency we had to change plans for this weeks shows co-host. Proforma will reschedule.
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