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The Strategist - Global Entrepreneur, Tony Marino, MBA delivers "real-time-relevant" practical business/marketing news, solutions, tips, practices, techniques, approaches, and small business entrepreneurial success strategies.

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What if you acted out like those on the social media networks that shoot you directly in face with their "look at me," "buy my book," or "I am so darling and fabulous" narcissistic and outright nauseating self-promotion approach? How... more

What type of entrepreneurial leader are you? Is your leadership style that on an Authoritarian, Charismatic, Servant, Transactional, Transformational, Authentic, or one of the many other leadership types? How's your leadership style been... more

What one trait do the world's most notable entrepreneurs share in common? What attribute will keep you in the game even after the whistle blows? Pressure, conflict, stress, confusion, and unforeseen events and occurrences can attack... more

As entrepreneur's, we are all familiar with Ron Popeil's infomercial catch phrase, "Set it and Forget it," right? We are also equally familiar with "Push-Button" this and "Easy Button" that, right? So who wins between marketing automation or... more

Business decision-making for 2015 will look at the face; more specifically, directly into the eyes of new innovative marketing trends, applications, and processes and see a fresh and deeper vision of how to identify, communicate, and engage... more

Whether you are already an acclaimed published author or the next - soon to be, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, John Grisham, Margaret Atwood, Rick Riodan, and Gillian Flynn all rolled together, you must set your publishing strategy upon an... more

As you strive to implement your defined business strategy to gain a sustained competitive advantage over your competitors, you should never attempt to go it all alone. In other words, you must enlist the support and involvement of key... more

Your business strategy's action plan comprises a document that starts with your business' strategic goals and identifies all the layers requisite to successfully accomplish them. What is your current process on behalf of your action plan... more

What is strategy? Without a strategy your business, start-up or establish, is nothing more than a ship without a rudder, a trip without a certain destination, and idea without an action. In order to sustain a competitive advantage and define a... more