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The Strategist - Global Entrepreneur, Tony Marino delivers "real-time-relevant" practical business/marketing news, solutions, tips, practices, techniques, approaches, and small business entrepreneurial success strategies.

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Social media is a wonderful and remarkably useful tool for promoting your business and building your brand. When it comes to angry complaints, however, it can turn into a vile, unrelenting beast that tears your company down. Fortunately, understanding how to deal with angry customers on social media is actually quite easy. That is our focus on this edition of, ?The Strategist Radio LIVE."
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Your offer is the center of your sales piece, which should never simply be an advertisement for your company. Direct mail is capable of so much more than getting your company name out there. A good sales piece should draw your... more

To be a great communicator or leader, you must know your audience. When communicating with an audience, it's important to know that people switch from external processing (listening) to internal processing (thinking) when their specific... more

Publishing a book does not have to years, months, or even weeks. Publishing a book does not have to cost you more than a few hundred dollars plus your time and commitment. What is it that today's crafty publishing houses do not want... more

For small businesses, (and even enormous firms) blogging can be a high-value cost-effective practices, particularly when done near perfect. In fact, when done right, blogging can reinforce your brand, prospect and customer relations,... more

What is the purpose of your business website? If you can't answer that question quickly and decisively, there's a vast chance you're unknowingly squandering your best online business asset. And even if you can answer the question, if you're... more

The key to developing and implementing a low-cost earned media campaign is getting your target market to share your integrated marketing communications (IMC) across their perspective sphere of influence. The art of leveraging by... more

Entrepreneurs strive to enhance their influencer competency. The more effectively you are able to influence, the greater leader you will become. Today's influencers such as Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Ellen Degeneres,... more

With self-publishing becoming more streamlined, more and more entrepreneurs are able to reap the rewards of writing a book about their business. Putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – can instantly give you credibility,... more

Successful entrepreneurs knows that starting and sustaining a business requires financial capital. Most of today's businesses struggle to make it because ownership is unable to secure the capital needed. Which business fund-raising... more