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He has worked on Suicide Squad, Legends, Spectre, Firestorm, Stars Wars and many other comics throughout the decades. he is co-creator of Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos for the Star Wars universe. On todays NNR, we speak to John... more

GERONIMO! Nerd Nation Radio celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who by speaking to the fans who keep it alive! From all across the universe, Whovians recount their Doctor Who experiences! Favorite Doctors, companions and personal anecdotes... more

Gene and Siike are back to discuss PS4 sales, X-Men: Days of Future Past reshoots, the Flash Pilot, and the upcoming Adult Swim animated series by Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, and Starburns Industries, called Rick & Morty. The... more

In July of 2013, the hallowed halls of the NERD NATION were locked up, possibly never to be opened again. Gene & Siike were forced on separate paths, both working their dream jobs in the world of comics, no longer having time for such... more

Siike Donnelly and Gene Hoyle bring you 90 minutes of pure nerdity. This week we will discuss the new gaming consoles due out and the launch titles. Thor:The Dark World will be reviewed. Afterlife with Archie- Silly gimmick or must... more

Tonight we review Bushido and Think Tank Vol 2. Joining Gene tonight is former co host Siike Donnelly, now a Top Cow marketing guy! This one will be fun!

Supercon was amazing! NNR gives their wrapup. Our first NN The Game Show was a huge success and we will be talking with the winner. Photographer Adam Jay comes on to dicuss Project Lex! Twinkies are back and we got some!... more

We are hours away from the release of Man of Steel. In a special 45 minute episode. Siike and Gene discuss the modern age of Superman, from John Byrne's Man of Steel to the New 52. John Roniotis, an improv comic from the UCB... more

EPISODE 4 - FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Two days remain before the Man of Steel hits North American theaters. Siike and his super friend talk about Superman's adventures through the Bronze Age. Gene Hoyle pops by to review... more

EPISODE 3 - THE NEVER-ENDING BATTLE Siike & his super friend continue their daily countdown to the Man of Steel release with a new episode that covers Superman's Silver Age years. Xenoglyphs and Thaniel writer, Omar Spahi,... more