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The Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization (Oklevueha Native American Church of Sanpete) was established as an Indigenous Group and People by Self Determination through the original writing and ratification of the Band Constitution in 2003 by the General Council of Nemenhah Mothers. Phillip ‘Cloudpiler’ Landis, NAP, ND, was elected to the position of Principle Medicine Chief and has been re-elected every year since then by the unanimous vote of the yearly Great Council of the Nemenhah. At the same time, the Band was established as an Independent Branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church of Utah, and later of the Oklevueha/Sioux Nation Allied Native American Church, under the direction of Chief Richard ‘He Who Has The Foundation’ Swallow, Head of the Eagle Clan of the Lakota and the Rosebud Native American Church. Our Mission is to provide a safety net for Natural Healers by effectively bringing the Sacred back into Natural Healing. We concentrate our efforts in the Healing of the Body Physical, the Body Familial, the Body Societal and the Whole Earth. Our Offering goes out to all Natural Healers of Good Intention. If you are willing to publicly declare that Natural Healing comprises part of your Spiritual Orientation, that you will First Do No Harm, and that you will work to further the work of perfecting and unifying the Band and the fulfilling of its mission, promising your support for its services and offerings, you are invited to become part of our Permanent Population through the ancient Principle of Spiritual Adoption.

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Recorded 12.23.08 Local Lodge Unifying Purpose and Activities

Recorded 11.25.08 The Function of the Nemenhah Mother's Councils and the Lodge Councils.

The United Nations Resolution and how that supports Nemenhah as an organization of Indigenous Peoples. Recorded 10.14.08