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The Neil Garfield Show


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Controversial host and world renown financial expert, attorney and blogger Neil Garfield provides a wake up call to people everywhere about the foreclosure crisis and related bank scams.

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Indemnification of mortgages is a topic which is implicated when homeowners seek to refinance or sell their homes or the mortgage notes associated with their homes. Indemnification happens when one party tells another party: I will... more

Bill Paatalo is back on the West Coast Foreclosure Show to discuss a recent 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling which going forward will deny Chase the right to use bankruptcy preemption rules to deny homeowners pursuing... more

https://livinglies.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/tonight-how-are-homeowners-winning-the-neil-garfield-show/ Homeowners are winning cases in increasing numbers as Judges get... more

Charles Marshall hosts tonight presenting step by step guidelines for defending against unlawful detainer lawsuits

How to Withhold Vital Information from Homeowners. Charles Marshall, Attorney and Bill Paatalo, licensed investigator discuss the moral hazard created by the Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) banks, the courts and the regulators in... more

Charles Marshall, Attorney and Bill Paatalo, licensed investigator discuss the moral hazard created by the banks, the courts and the regulators in allowing "presumptions" to be used even when the actual facts are different from the... more

We hardly ever address appellate practice on these pages or the Neil Garfield Show. Tonight Charles Marshall, California Attorney, discusses basic factors on appeal. What is an appeal? When should notice of appeal be filed? What does... more

When will Chase and the other TBTF Banks finally be seen as conspirators who collectively have lied and created false documents in nearly all foreclosures over the past 10-15 years? Why are their documetns receiving the presumption of... more

Prior to the securitization era began, no party to litigation was entitled to a legal presumption of facts when they had engaged in patterns of conduct in which they had forged, fabricated or otherwise attempted to use self-serving... more

Investigator Bill Paatalo will share a bombshell: There is a COMPLETE disconnect between the Trust, the Servicer and the Borrower and there is NO WAY to prove, through verifiable accounting, that the alleged investor ever receives the... more