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The Negdog Radio Network was"Going Green in 2015"(c) with its 4th season on the air! Now we are back Bigger Meaner Faster & Stronger! "Mean & Lean in 2016"(c)"Sniffing Out The Lies Of The Parasitic Elite & Digging Up Bones On The New World Order". Giving extra exposure to the scholar athlete and new talent in the Tampa Bay Area! Bringing the latest in BlueChipperUniversity's Athletes, Actors, Models & More. The Bay Area's Local Talent Pool launching pad! We Ready We Ready! Specializing in sports, politics, entertainment, Horse Racing and more! Check our schedule for upcoming episode's and live events! Negdog Radio "Sure To Bite"(c) The views and opinions expressed on the radio program as well as BlueChipperUniversity.com by the artists, producers, host/co-hosts, Disc jockeys, guests and call in listeners are solely the opinions of the original source who express them. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of BlueChipperUniversity.com, Negdog Radio , or it’s Affiliates. Opinions stated by various contributors to Negdog Radio and its programming are not to be considered as endorsed by BlueChipperUniversity.com. Our aim is to bring music, a balance information and awareness program to the listeners of Negdog Radio. Negdog Radio gives people a chance to express themselves and showcase their talents and some people may find opinions expressed on this station offensive. Website and radio visitors are urged to use their own discernment to draw their own conclusions. The choice is yours whether to believe us or listen in, or not. Our opinions are based on Individual opinions and experiences. The information you hear does not constitute a recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy or sell any product. We do not present any legal advice or do not claim to be any form or counselors. We are open to your criticism or ideas for future radio improvement. Please feel free to email us at pneglio@hotmai

On-Demand Episodes

The Negdog Radio Network On todays show we go furthur into the Gucci Mane clone conspiracy! Trump & Hillary, plus more bizzaro news! Call into the dog pound now! Watch the stream live on Facebook Live!

On this October 11th, 2016 @negdog is kicking off another season of The Negdog Radio Network! Sports, Politics and more! Call in with your topic! Motivational Mornings! The leader in indie music and hell no the NWO! Breaking... more

DOMosaurusRex.com Negdog.com On this Monday Negdog @negdog is bringing you bizzaro news and more! Hell No To The NWO! Hillary vs Donald are you kidding me? #Fugazi of the day! Call in now 347-843-4165

On this Weds August 10th, Negdog @negdog is back in the trenches with The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor for our 2016 Back To School Special!!! What has Fed Ed and the Common Core Bullies have up thier sleeves for... more

On this Tuesday Night Negdog @negdog is exposing more Lies from across the planet! Crisis Actors, Fake Politicians, the rabbit hole goes down and down! Call in to give us your take on tHe Hillary vs Donald debacle!

On this Monday August 8th Negdog @negdog is back with the DOgs of War and another episode fighting the New World order! Hillary vs Donald who is gonna win? Cal in with your picks! NFL scammed advertisers!

Mobster Mondays as we go to War vs the NWO! Checking out the Hollywierdos and Hollywood for Ugly people DNC convention! Religion, Politics, Race, Sports, Models, everything they said dont talk about WE WILL! Unedited, Uncensored,... more

On this Sunday Juyly 17th 2016, Negdog @negdog is back in the trenches with the dogs of war searching for the biggest lies on the airwaves! Exposing the truth, sniffing out corruption and lies, saying hell no to the NWO! Call in live from... more

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