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It's not an every day story that a girl raised in the projects on the South Side of Chicago by two Southern bred parents grows up to be a kale eating, push-up dropping, farmers market addicted personal trainer. Did I mention I come from a line of "genetically thick" women? How did I do it and how can you? How do we balance generational and genetic challenges to live our healthiest lives?

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You woke up yesterday and it was July. You know you promised yourself you were going to do better this year but you've been stressed, the kids have been acting up and work has been crazy. You still have another half of the year to... more

Why is it that you can get buy one get one free 12 packs of Pepsi but can barely find an unwilted bag of organic lettuce and it still costs you an arm and a leg? Why buy fresh fruit when you can buy fruit cocktail and fruit snacks (your... more

When you are empty, on the physical and emotional front, what do you put in your tank? Do you use the cheapest thing because you are on a budget or stop at the first station because it's convenient or have you not thought about it? Well,... more

Your new lifestyle hasn't set well with everyone in your life. They consider you strange. Some even label you as snobbish. I have personally even been told I was going to die because of my food choices. You feel backed into a corner.... more

If you are facing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity or stress, WHY would we choose a manicure over ANYTHING that would put us in a position for better health? Makes me wonder too. I still wonder why I did it. How... more

How many times have you wanted to scream because somebody told you that your efforts to eat better weren't good enough? If you gave up meat, they to,d you to give up dairy. If you gave up Coke, they told you to give up all caffeine. If... more

We both enjoyed beer, hot wings and Dairy Queen. Three weeks before we were married, I moved in with him and took on his habits of eating Doritos and Pecan Sandies, things that replaced my fruit and Slim Fast. I went on a starvation diet... more

.....but let's talk about your birthday suit. Does the idea of wearing it, seeing yourself in it make you want to run for the cake? Where are your blocks when it comes to your body? Do you hide it? Do you flaunt it? Are both part of your... more

The word "diet" makes us nuts. More times than not, we think of the word "diet" and automatically engage in the "deprivation model." Yet, we are determined that we can have it all; except sometimes when we reach for what we want... more

Does how you look trumph how you feel? Every other Thursday, rain or shine, at 10:00 a.m., as the theme music to "The Price Is Right" blared through the television, I sat in the chair to get my hair done. It was the only piece of... more