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The New Day Revolution with Dr. Nebkheperure!...For more information, to please go to our website. Dua (Thank you), Ankh (Life), Udja (Good Health), & Seneb (Prosperity)!

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In this episode, Dr.Nebkheperure explore the topic of FEAR, and how it controls, if we arent aware, and hinders the best and prosperous results we seek to acheive in our lives.

Dr.Nebkheperure teaches on "Honor Among Our People", what it is? why we lack it? and how to restore it?

Dr Nebkheperure teaching on the "Poisons & Medicines in the Bible"

Dr.Nebkheperure reveals the Hidden Secret behind Racism/White Supremacy: "Transforming Blacks into Batteries."

Dr.Nebkheperure comforts the people and present them with answers and solutions to their global plight.

Dr Nebkheperure revisiting the topic Blacks & the Bible, and hidden secrets revealed.

Another episode of questions answers and conversations with Dr. Nebkheperure. Visit the website and get involved today.

Today Dr.Nebkheperure will take on your questions and Comments.

Dr. Nebkheperure challenges blacks and Africans to show forth their power in collective activity of culturally advancing themselves into a prosperous future...hear the full details of the challenge on this show.

Dr.Nebkheperure reveals answers to difficult questions that were asked of him by his followers on Facebook, Instagram, Google plus, Tumblr, Twitter, and from our website. "ARE WE GODS?" exposing truths and eradicating falsehoods, and... more
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