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The Ancient Egyptian Assembly welcomes you to "A New Day with Nebkheperure!...For more information, to give a contribution, or for the New Day Store, please go to our website. Dua (Thank you), Ankh (Life), Udja (Good Health), & Seneb (Prosperity)!

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Dr. Nebkheperure teaching on... I am That Man born to Save your Soul!

Dr. Nebkheperure concludes the message from Sunday (8/24/20014) ITS YOU (Blacks/Africans), Not Europeans/White Spremacy, thats Stopping YOU! (part 2)

Dr. Nebkheperure teachs on... Necrosis (part 2): "Its YOU, not Europeans/White Supremacy that prohibits your Rise!" His period of withdrawl & silence...until the people call him back, and ready for cultural restoration.

Dr.Nebkheperure teaches on... "NECROSIS: The Disease That Crippled The Minds of Blacks & Africans" For more information on visit www.nebkheperure.or

Dr. Nebkheperure reveals the new techniques for Social, cultural, political, and econonical empowerment in this new message "Black People & Community Empowerment Withn One Year!" Nothing is impossible, we have all the... more

A New Day with Nebkhperure.... Dr. Nebkheperure pricks the consciousness of Blacks and Africans... GOD MADE BLACKS TO BE SLAVES & SERVANTS FOR WHITES?

THE BLACK MIND & WHITE SUPREMACY: Why Ctrl, Alt, Delete Ain't Working? The Computer & the Mind of the African/Black People. Dr. Nebkheperure is back on blogtalkradio and blazing the people with new teachings, methods and... more

How one million people can improve our conditions? Contribute a one time gift of $50 to get $100 of little Amarna money, so we build a town for ourselves. Listen for details or go to to see what is being built... more

~A New Day with Nebkheperure~ "Black People Did Not Exist before 1619" (The Color Consciousness Deception) In this episode, Dr. Nebkheperure teachings on how the group of people labeled "Black", are mislabled, and therefore unable to... more

~A New Day with Nebkheperure~ "The Death of Black Consciousness! So What's Next?~ In this episode, Dr. Nebkheperure bids the Black Consciousness Community farewell as ineffective and stagnating in the forwardness of Black... more
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