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I remember a lot about my youth. If it didn't involve sports, it was a close second to television. Back when things where still drawn in this country, their existed shows that relied on a lot of current events. Spies and space travel was the order of the day and a lot of cartoon shows back then were based on that. Jonny Quest had the espionage and the suspense, The Herculoids had strange creatures on other worlds and the Banana Splits showed just how kooky we all had become because of it.


From the late 50's to the early or middle 90's, animation rules the weekend mornings. Only shows like Quest or the Flintstones had the attention of the prime time audiences but showed that studios such as Hanna Barbara were the kings of their day.

I want to retain knowledge of what kept my spirits up back then. From Bugs to Daffy to Space Ghost and Grape ape, I remember my happiest time as a child. I remember the songs and the marketable items associated with what I enjoyed the most. I enjoyed cartoons and old tv shows of all sorts.

Welcome to CARTOONS AND CEREAL. Escape the day to day and come here if you can. I'll roll back the tape for you. I'll send you back to your youth.