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Director Russ Emanuel returns to JEFF TREK to promote his new production, Assassin's Apprentice 2 as well as his thoughts on living his dream directing Star Trek actors, The future of Star Trek, and updates on several of his other... more

Join Allie and Priscilla as they chat all about reality TV

Hate to leave Rover behind when you travel? According to travel photojournalist and author Tonya Wilhelm, Traveling With Your Dog is getting easier by the day. Hear her tips on canine travel on the June 13 edition of TRAVEL ITCH RADIO... more

Tonight's show is called, ?Cluster Bs (Narcissists, Antisocials, Histrionics, & Borderlines) Part 2.? Tonight is a continuation of our last show on this same topic, which turned out to be full of more information than we could handle in one... more

Join the TV Tantrum of Jamie, Karen and AJ as they tackle another night of TV Tonight's schedule... Fear the Walking Dead, iZombie, Nos4a2 and whatever else sounds good.

Tonight's show contains SPOILERS up through the last episode, + possible information from current AMC official promo materials! Welcome to S5E2! Season 5 will be doing the traditional 50/50 split season, with 8 episodes... more

Join Allie and Priscilla as they chat all about reality TV

Learn how and where to buy diamonds at reasonable rates when TRAVEL ITCH RADIO hosts Lauren Strachan, director of port revenue for Diamonds International, on Thursday, June 6. Listen live at 8p EDT on iTunes or... more

New York City can be overwhelming to visitors, especially those from small towns. Travel ournalist Evelyn Kantor's new book, Things to do in New York before you die, ofers an insight and a native's perspective of what to see and do.

Join the Yippy Yappers Jamie, Karen and AJ as they discuss another night of TV Tonight's Line-up... Fear The Walking Dead, iZombie, Nos4a2, The 100, Cloak and Dagger and whatever else sounds intriguing
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