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What are your thoughts on voting for the "lesser of the evils."

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This exerpt comes from http://www.constitutionparty.com/faqs.php

Q: Will I waste my vote if I support Constitution Party candidates?

A: In recent elections, millions of conservatives did not vote because they did not care for either of the major candidates, so there already exists a natural constituency of principled voters who don’t care for the “lesser of two evils” game played by the two dominant parties. Also, strong third parties often influence electoral outcomes by drawing crucial votes from Republican and Democratic candidates.

A person’s vote is truly wasted when he does not use it to express his actual beliefs. How can we expect to have principled leaders if we do not have a principled electorate?

A vote for the Constitution Party is a vote for the Constitution and an investment in America’s restoration.

Q: I agree with most of your positions, but aren’t I better off holding my nose and voting for the Republican candidate, who is at least not as bad as his liberal Democrat opponent?

A: We believe that this “lesser-of-two-evils” approach to voting is morally unjustified. Your vote should be based on principle, not expedience. For generations, Americans have held their noses and voted for the lesser of two evils, hoping that those they elect will vote in a principled manner, even though the electorate does not. If we compromise our own principles at the polls, we have no right to be indignant when those we elect do the same in Washington.

Listeners, what do you think?