What Is To be Done

What Is To be Done ?


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Religio-political education, addressing current events, culture, history & social problems, with solutions brought to the table and discussed. Visit our youtube sites 1.knessetyshua 2.zadokbenisrael 3.7hammerandbattleaxe 4.sistabenaiah 5.NazareneEbionParty

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Is Matthew 24 telling us about a 3 1/2 year tribulation?

What did Yahshua mean when he commented on this way in the thinking of the nation of Israel. Many so called Israelite sects spue hatred for other ethnic groups and some even claim they follow the doctrine of the Son of God. Neither in... more

This is a study to see if we are to keep the passover today.

There are many feast dates out there in the so-called Israelite world, some feast dates has been out for months now, why is this, are these early dates Biblical ? Join us in this reaserch.

GROWING STONE BIBLE STUDY FORUM. Today there is an heavy emphasis by so called christian churches on the paying of tithes and offerings. Even though most of these organizations don't believe in the necessity of the keeping of the "... more

Isaiah and Jeremiah warned our fathers over the span of 7 kings and we do well to heed their words. Some of their visions have been wrongly attributed to the future and we will take a deeper look

What could have Christ/Messiah been making reference to, when he declaired "Upon this rock I will build my Kingdom, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it" ?

This is a study taking an in depth look that explains the truth about what happened in the story of Saul consulting a witch in order to speak to the dead prophet Samuel.

GROWING STONE BIBLE STUDY FORUM...I teach, I debate. Many teach, Many debate. Every teaching, debate or prophecy breakdown isn't always "THE GOSPEL". What truly is the "good news" (gospel)? I'm convinced brethren that... more

Study on the kingdom of God.
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