What Is To be Done

What Is To be Done ?


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People are always talking about revolution and change. But before the change can happen , there must be a time for healing. Lets look into the scriptures.
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There is a growing disdain among the messianic community for the title of Christian. Many affiliate themselves to and claim to be followers of Jesus (OR MANY NOW CLAIM HE CAN ONLY BE CALLED YEHOSHUAH,... more

You talk to people who are read the bible and ask if they are converted, and everyone says they are converted. Or you have people who believe that because they supposedly keep the biblical laws, that they are converted. Well we will... more

There are many religions across the earth and some are very ancient, some are new and some are downright crazy. As a follower the commandments of God and testimony of Yahusha Messiah i am sometimes hit with the statement "All... more

Many of us understand male and female and masculine and feminine only in terms of the flesh, specifically only in reguards to a Man and woman. Well we will present a study that goes deeper into the meaning of man and woman, and... more

This is a study on the oppression of women and their position or role in the gospel of Messiah.

You have many people in the world who put no stock in the bible. They also like to run to the bible to prove that it supports slavery and justifies the actions of the Slave owners. Well we will look into the bible and see if these claims are true.

In the New Testament there seems to be an influx of gifts of the spirit that were signs that God was establishing the power and authority of his church through the holy spirit. One of the most famous is the gift called "speaking in tongues".... more

Many so-called Israelites claim they keep the torah, but then in the same breath, they claim, they can't keep some of the torah in captivity, however they claim their torah observant. Well did Gandhi, keep some of the torah as well, in... more

If we carefully read about Jesus (what he did and what he taught) and his disciples they would be considered Communists today. They taught that the wealthy must share their goods with the less fortunate in order for God to give... more

The great tribulation continues, under Greco-Roman Empire.
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