What Is To be Done

What Is To be Done ?


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Religio-political education, addressing current events, culture, history & social problems, with solutions brought to the table and discussed. Visit our youtube sites 1.knessetyshua 2.zadokbenisrael 3.7hammerandbattleaxe 4.sistabenaiah 5.NazareneEbionParty

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People are always talking about revolution and change. But before the change can happen , there must be a time for healing. Lets look into the scriptures.
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Are birthday celebrations biblical, did the ancient government of Moses teach Israel to celebrate birthdays, and if Moses didn't teach it , then who taught it ? The NMP #1-716-885-2289

If you have doctrinal issues to prove or ask questions about then this is the place to be. Bring your Bibles and your courtesy and we can get it in !

We will look at Colossians chapter 2 and Galatians chapter 3 and we will prove that neither text is telling us that the Law is done away, neither is it the 'sacrificial law' .

If you truly are a disciple of Christ can you choose not to give and Yah be pleased with you ? Let us saerch the scriptures together.

Moses organizes the people and leads a massive movement destroying the economy & the aristocracy of feudal Egypt.

Did Paul teach against the Torah, What do "Christ is the 'end' of the law" mean, what was "nailed to the Cross" ? Are these text telling us the the law is done away, or are these text teaching about the sacrifical Law ? None of the above,... more

We use a lot of terms to descibe the behavior we are to exude as Nazarenes. We've shown so far the undeniable truth of what Simplicity in Christ means and now we will do the same with the famous term: MEEKNESS

This is a study on what moved YHWH to call Moses to organize the oppressed masses for a revolution.

SIMPLICITY IN CHRIST. Sometimes we find this phrase thrown around when individuals may not understand what you may be bringing forth in your attempt to teach various aspects of the Gospel. Especially when it comes to the undeniable... more
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