What Is To be Done

What Is To be Done ?


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Religio-political education, addressing current events, culture, history & social problems, with solutions brought to the table and discussed. Visit our youtube sites 1.knessetyshua 2.zadokbenisrael 3.7hammerandbattleaxe 4.sistabenaiah 5.NazareneEbionParty

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Why do the modern nations reject the sabbath ?

This Great prophet warned Judah of the impending destruction Yahweh would bring upon them by the hand of Babylon and he also was sent to give a message to every other nation on the planet. WHY and WHAT WAS THIS MESSAGE... more

We will look at the teaching of Y'shuah, when we gave a message to masses of oppressed and hungry people , people who was victims of Roman imperialism and neo-imperialism in their own clans.

The walk on the path of eternal life and restoration of the nation of Israel is promised to be difficult and riddled with let downs and sometimes the flesh will test your longsuffering and faith in Yah. The followers of Yahshua have hope in... more

Yhwh condemned birthday celebrations by way of the prophet Isaiah. We will review this message of Isaiah when he prophesied the judgment of Israel becaused they kept birthday celebrations. 1-885-2289

Who is this that is spoken of oin Dt 18 ?

This is a study to find out if Jesus supported the western culture economic system and it's principles.1-716-885-2289

This is a study to find out if Genesis 6 giants are the same as the fabled giants (being 3000 ells=11,250 feet tall about 2.13 miles in length) of the book of Enoch. Is this Biblical truth or man fables?

Many teach and claim it'd the messiah's doctrine and gospel. Did Jesus teach Israel to keep the sabbath? Did he teach the dietary law. Did he say that the kingdom of God appears suddenly or did he teach us that it grows from... more

Many that claim to teach and/or follow Christ will say that Christ did away with the law of Moses at his death. They also say that "he did it all and there's nothing we can do". They'll quote " we're not justified by the works of the law. IS... more
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