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What Is To be Done

What Is To be Done ?


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Religio-political education, addressing current events, culture, history & social problems, with solutions brought to the table and discussed. Visit our youtube sites 1.knessetyshua 2.zadokbenisrael 3.7hammerandbattleaxe 4.sistabenaiah 5.NazareneEbionParty

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The early church in Jerusalem is the example that the churches in the letters of paul had to measure up to as a guide for the love and sincere dedication to God and man that all others were to follow.

As we cotinue from Pt 1's context of showing Jesus status after his resurrection we will now look at the OT and see if we can pick him up there

Its so sad to hear so called followers of Christ pulled into agreeing with the arguments that non believers use to attack the validity of the claims of the New Testament.You know the ones....is Jesus the God of the Old Testament? Was... more

The Religion of Islam plays the same role as false (Roman catholic/protestant) Christianity, It is an enemy to the kingdom and Government of YHWH and Yhwh's servant, the great leader and commander, the legislator Moses.

You may traditionally hear of praying to God for favor and before you know it there's a check in the mail or that car you've been wanting will miraculously be given to you. Some even say "the Lord spoke to me". I wont say what Yahweh... more

Many Israelites have worshipped the Beast, and still do & the mark of the Beast are upon them, they love the Beast, and they live for the rewards given to them by the WHORE who rides the Beast, let us investigate this.

If you've heard the different explanations about this verse then you may be interested in what we've found about this. Christians and non Christians argue over this alot and i hope to put some things to consider on the table.

We will discuss, the captivity in Deuteronomy 28, the condition Moses discribed and what the dragon's empire ment by "freedom"

There is much emphasis in the Messianic Hebrew and Torah Only sphere on the Keeping of the Law. Those who love Yah will definitely recognize and testify to the validity of his divine law, but...IS TELLING MEN TO KEEP THE LAW THE... more

There is a false doctrine arising among the unlearned that teaches a day only has a light period and no night attached to it. IS THIS SCRIPTURAL? IS IT A TOTAL LIE? IS IT HALF OF A TRUTH? >>>>THIS WILL BE AN OPEN DISCUSSION
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