What Is To be Done

What Is To be Done ?


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Religio-political education, addressing current events, culture, history & social problems, with solutions brought to the table and discussed. Visit our youtube sites 1.knessetyshua 2.zadokbenisrael 3.7hammerandbattleaxe 4.sistabenaiah 5.NazareneEbionParty

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With the decision to NOT indict the police officer in the shooting death of Mike Brown many are crying injustice and then you rioters and protesters that burn down and vandalize their own neighborhoods in anger. Why is this happening?... more

Lets take a look and see what this scripture is really saying to us.

The Great Flood spoken of in Genesis 6 is not a topic that's been debated for millinea or centuries...the argument against it is a fairly young one in the overall history of man. It is european science and atheism that has brought this into... more

There is a discussion that's been taking place for many centuries about the bible and what is literal, figurative, embellished, true or false. The secularists,atheists and theologians have been back and forth and the argumants from all quarters... more

We will look at the Two Masters who battle on the field of the Human soul to reign and prosper. One is the Self and the other is Truth. We will see what the holy scriptures have to say about these two Masters and which one leads you to life... more

As we see more turmoil in the world on every continent many people from the "so called" religious to the atheist ask "why God?" or "if God loves us so much why does he let these bad things happen in the world?". Those are valid questions.... more

We will look into idolatry and see is it just dealing with religion or something deeper

The civilization of mankind has a history the Word of Yah shows us and it's not always easily understood. Modern historians and archaeologists are finding things that they can't explain and can't pinpoint the known civilizations responsible for... more

We will take a look at why the earth is mourning......why is everything in the universe under law including mankind......and what is mankinds natural path. I believe looking at nature and natures ways we can understand and innerstand... more
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