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Aspiring gospel rapper, Keon McIntosh gives us the dish behind the inspiration of his music, his motivation, and where his career is going. Exclusive Listening Session for Only God Knows and Grind for Mine.

Floyd Marshall is a rising playwright and filmmaker. Tonight, we will hear more about his career and projects in the works. Also, Niyah is going to give us all of the juicy details of her rerelease of Bittersweet Exes. What's on your... more

Tonight, you will get more with Stacey L. Moor and Niyah Moore on the line discussing their upcoming collaboration in Pillow Talk Duets. Tune in for the latest in news, reviews, and point of views with your AFL hosts Niyah Moore... more

Karen E. Quinones Miller's story as an author and businesswoman speaks for itself, so we are honored to have her on Almost Famous Life to discuss her upcoming book Angry Ass Black Woman. Tune in to Almost Famous Life Talk... more

This week our special guest is Charlotte Templeman, the author of Broken Hearted I and II. We will also have an open forum where we want to hear from you on the topic of "They might know my glory, but they don't know my story!"... more

This week, hear from Blogger, Stephen Gaither, ( as well as a few fresh voice in Poetry, Sidra S. Johnson. Hosted by Shani Greene-Dowdell and Niyah Moore, we will bring you the latest news, reviews,... more

Tune in tonight for a segment of The Almost Famous Life Talk Show with our special guest, New York Times Bestselling Author Mary B. Morrison who brings a soulful, sexy, and totally uncensored voice to 15 bestsellers. Hosted by Shani... more

Tune in for the latest from Nayberry Publications, views, news, and interviews with hostest Shani Greene-Dowdell

Tune in for Niyah and Shani's dish on the Almost Famous Life! Tonight we will have a very special guest. Author, playwright, and a member of the funkadelic family, Author Andrea Clinton. We will chop it up with her about her career, life,... more