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Saul and Claire

Natural Health with Saul Marcus, ND and Claire Arcidiacono, ND


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Saul Marcus, ND and Claire Arcidiacono, ND discuss topics in natural health. Saul Marcus is a naturopathic doctor, in private practice in Manhattan, NY. His practice focuses on chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormone balancing and digestive issues.

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We will discuss interpretation of white blood cell count, neutrophils, eosinophils, monocytes, lymphocytes. Errors conventional medical doctors often make and what you need to know.

The lymphatic system is one of the most underrated functions of the body. It is responsible for removing metabolic wastes from tissue, as well as a major center of immune system activity. Often stagnation in the lymphatic system... more

We will discuss the kind of "evidence" used by practitioners in natural health. This includes: Clinical trials (large and small) Traditional knowledge Information learned and passed on from one practitioner to another (through seminars,... more

We will be discussing "Evidence Based Medicine." What the term means and its implications for both natural and conventional medicine.

We will continue our discussion of supplements that are both under used and over used. Supplements we will go over include: HCL and digestive enzymes Herbs for the immune system / lymphatics including Red Clover Minerals including... more

We will be continuing our discussion of supplements - going over ones that are over used and/or possibly dangerous when misused. Additionally we will also discuss supplements and herbs that are under used. Also supplements that... more

We will be discussing common supplements and common misconceptions.

Conversation with David Levi, ND. Top 8 supplements. Probiotics Omega 3 Fish Oil Vitamin D B12 as Methyl B12 Vitamin C Co-Q 10 Food Based Multi-Vitamins Tumeric Dr. Levi's website is at : http://www.drdavidlevi.com/

We will discuss differences in seeing a naturopathic doctor, vs a conventional wester doctor. This includes differences in time given, the patient as responsible for getting better vs the doctor, and philsophies of restoring health to... more

We will be discussing homotoxicology, as a model of how disease progress in the body, with regards to detoxification. This may sound complex, but it's actually an elegant model which shows symptoms are not random bad things that happen,... more
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