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The Controllers Agenda Exposed! An Inconvenient Harvest (Article Critique)

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On the May 10, 2016 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I host the show solo to critique a fascinating article that I first read on in5d.com titled "The Controllers Agenda Exposed! An Inconventient Harvest" which not only covers the agenda of the Powers That Be, but also covers a whole slew of metaphysical, spiritual, and extraterrestrial-related material. While a small part of the article may contain disinformation, I encourage discernment at the highest level (which I myself will show when I critique the article) and also to keep in mind that even disinfo contains grains of truth. This article, I assure, contains much more truth than disinfo. The article can be found at http://in5d.com/inconvenient-harvest/

By the time I finished this show at 8:58 PM Eastern on 5/10/2016, I had nearly been speaking for 3 hours and I was unable to finish the article (I got about 2/3 of the way through in this show). If I cannot find a guest on a future show, I will discuss the remaining subjects in the article on that show. Subjects that this show was able to cover in just under 3 hours (aside from the opening 10 minute news segment) include Shifting Awareness, The Fluoride Hoax, The Report From Iron Mountain, The Income Tax & Other Deceptions, The Hidden Government, The Protocols Of The Wise Men Of Zion, The Hidden Empire, Iraq & 9/11, HAARP & Mind Control, The Quantum World, Creation, Contact, Diversion, Creationism vs. Darwinism, Free Energy, The Nuclear Danger, The Moon, The Other Planets, Anunnaki, Montauk Project & The Philadelphia Experiment, The Agenda, AIDS & Public Health, Medicine, The Guidestones.

The above subjects were all subtitles in the article in respective order, and subtites "The Crystal Skulls" and onward will be discussed on a future show that I host solo.