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Jon David Miller

Holistic Reality Radio ~ “holistic reality and natural health”


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Information and insights on holistic reality, natural health, well-being, holistic healing, issues of concern and the philosophy of natural holism. Topics include detoxification, improved mental clarity, holistic analysis of society, world affairs, alternatives, cooperation, preparedness, survival and expanding awareness for creative living. With Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div., holistic natural health pioneer, social scientist, philosopher, educator, musician, poet and author.

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The need for pure, high quality water is universal, but it needs purification of poisons and other contaminants before consumption. Is your water pure enough? Raw tap water is a chemical cocktail that should not be consumed or applied to... more

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is not a complete barrier to entry. What gets onto the skin goes in! Among the many public poisons are the synthetic fabrics many people often wear next to their skin. Polyester is the worst fabric.... more

Circulation anomalies are common as people age, with high blood pressure most often the problem. There are many good ideas about improving and maintaining blood pressure naturally. From the perspective of the natural health principles,... more

We are trying to figure out what is going on without the correct information. We are thinking and making decisions within a conceptual environment highly falsified with distraction, disinformation, ever-changing normality and fear. Propaganda... more

Summer's end brings us to Fall harvest time in the northern hemisphere. If you have a garden or shop at a farmer's market, you have probably been enjoying fresh local vegetables and fruits. Is what you are getting ?organically... more

September, 2018, has been declared ?National Preparedness Month? by the President. Quoting from the report at the White House website, ?National Preparedness Month is a time to focus our attention on the importance of... more

We are living in a sea of frequencies, an electronic soup that is constantly impacting our health. The stress, mental disturbances and effects on physical health must not be ignored. Radio Frequencies (RF),... more

We become what we contemplate. Conscious loving energy is the underlying true reality. The sense of separation we live with in society is a false reality. The more we think of loving as the basis of making choices and taking actions,... more

In 1978, 40 years ago, I completed and published Nutrition, Health and Harmony, which was among the popular books of the expanding natural health movement. This "Handbook of Natural Health" exposes many denatured foods and earlier... more

Over the course of the history of the United States of America, there have been many influences and many changes. The most significant changes are those effected by technology. The technologies now being utilized are making... more