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Jon David Miller

Holistic Reality Radio ~ “holistic reality and natural health”


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Information and insights on holistic reality, natural health, well-being, holistic healing, issues of concern and the philosophy of natural holism. Topics include detoxification, improved mental clarity, holistic analysis of society, world affairs, alternatives, cooperation, preparedness, survival and expanding awareness for creative living. With Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div., holistic natural health pioneer, social scientist, philosopher, educator, musician, poet and author.

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This time of year flu shots are promoted at nearly every drug store and doctor's office. The purveyors seem to assume almost everyone should have one. If you have been tempted to get in line, know first of all that this year's flu shot is... more

We are living in a strange world of false information, distraction, manipulation and reduced health and intelligence. Elitist power mongers have set up a environment of falsehood, deceipt and harm. We are living in the midst of a massive psy... more

Organic natural foods and super foods are the essential selections for eating wisely to build good health. High quality super foods provide needed minerals and phyto-nutrients to cells, helping restore vitality. Consuming a variety of... more

We are living during a time of major crisis for humanity, with multiple dimensions of disinformation, deception and public poisons. A secretive cabal and their many layers of agents manipulate events and narratives of the news,... more

Our population has become dependent on electronic conveniences that cause us to live in an invisible electromagnetic field (EMF) that is constantly harming our health, increasing various stress-related ailments, reducing intelligence and... more

What if abnormal climate change is being caused primarily by solar changes and secretive technology? There are many valid, credible scientists and other researchers who do not buy the theory of the ?carbon footprint? of normal... more

NOTICE: There may be a sweetener in holiday treats and desserts! Is it sugar (cane or beet?), fructose, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, stevia, honey, maple syrup, date powder, whole cane juice crystals or... more

At this time of year that we share our gratitude, we are actually expressing ?thank goodness?. The qualities of goodness are honesty, kindness, forgiveness, healing, cooperation and gratitude. Incorporating these qualities results in good... more

In the psyche, in society, in business and in world affairs there are many factors that affect us. Hidden and unconscious elements significantly influence our thought, emotions and behavior as much or more than consciously known... more

We are exposed to such an array of public poisons in our food, air, water, home, car, etc., it is crucial to detoxify every so often. Spring and Fall, the seasons of transition, are good times for cleansing accumulated toxins and giving extra... more