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Is Your Home Causing Degenerative Disease?

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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To be healthy in unhealthy times depends on learning and pursuing good natural health practices. The epidemic of degenerative diseases is due to poor nutrition, public poisons, stress, EMFs, and intended ignorance.

Diseases are all forms of the one real disease -- distress of the organism. Tension, toxins, and poor nutrition cause this distress. The electromagnetic frequencies (EMF‘s) from cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi, smart meters and more are also constantly stressing us, undermining health.

There are multiple dangers to health in most homes that are not recognized as threats. Ignorance of common exposure to toxic agents and lack of understanding adequate nutrition are the primary reasons for most illness. What considerations are needed to make your home healthier?

Preventing disease and inflammation is a process of easing distress and providing what the body needs. Avoiding toxins and detoxifying, pursuing life-supporting nutrition, exercising and calming stress, will help prevent any of these forms of ill health.

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