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Do You Think?

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Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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Do you think you know what is false information and what is real? Do you think you are getting a true description of what is happening in the world from the conventional media, from their corporate owners or from politicians and bureaucrats?

Do you suspect that there are scientific discoveries and technological developments that have been kept secret from you? You have good reason to be suspicious, because much of what we are led to believe is not at all accurate.

In past centuries, religion, ignorance, poverty and war were effective means to control the masses. In modern times, for the last century or so, more sophisticated methods have been developed to handle a more savvy population.

The cabal intent is disinformation, division ("divide and rule"), confusion ("order out of chaos") and full spectrum control.

Do you think this is all a conspiracy theory because it is different from what the media has convinced a gullible public to assume as "the way it is"? There is much more to know.

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