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Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Harm Update

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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Our population has become dependent on electronic conveniences that cause us to live in an invisible electromagnetic field (EMF) that is constantly harming our health, increasing various stress-related ailments, reducing intelligence and shortening life.

Use of modern day electronic conveniences, cell phones, cordless phones, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, wireless mouses, computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, microwaves, smart meters, as well as extremely low frequencies (ELF) from power lines and cell towers, is undermining health and sanity.

Prolonged or repeated exposure to aggressive EMF, EMR, RF and ELF causes a measurable stress response, a negative shift in energy in the human bio-field. Additional studies have shown electromagnetic pollution contributes to issues like fatigue, tension, and mental disturbances, as well as potentially more serious conditions, especially cancer, brain tumors, damage to DNA and dementia.

Wi-fi radiation and EMF are harming us and our pets, plants and trees. Worse, such technologies are being used for comprehensive surveillance and mind control, while serving the anti-population agenda to foster illness, apathy, stress, mental disorders and early death.

These problems need urgent attention, especially with the roll-out of 5G, the next generation of more intensive wi-fi. It is critical to learn to minimize exposure to EMF and public poisons, and to protect ourselves as much as possible from the harmful effects.

Key knowledge of natural health, detoxification and protection from EMF fields is crucial for improving health with the challenges we are facing.