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Toxic Food, Water, Home and Environment

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Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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We have been unknowingly exposed to many toxins most of our lives, small amounts from pollution and chemicals in food, water, air, home furnishings, household products and medicines.

Among these toxic influences are city water with chlorine and fluoride, herbicides, especially glyphosate, pesticides, GMOs, food additives, medicines, household chemicals, radiation, fracking, injection wells, dumping of toxic waste into the ground and geo-engineering spraying of barium, aluminum and other noxious substances, including biological agents.

GMOs are difficult to avoid, especially without labeling, and geo-engineering aerosols fill the skies multiple days a week, so we all breathe them and get them on us.

These poisons gradually accumulate and contribute to diminished mental ability and a variety of diseases. Our health is also eroded by electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phones and wi-fi transmissions.

Use the best antioxidantssuper foods, herbs, essential oils, minerals and other natural nutrients, as well as natural personal care and cleaning products. Key knowledge, detoxification, a natural lifestyle and emf protectionare also crucial to better health with the depopulation challenges we are facing.