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Holistic Reality of Evil and Goodness

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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We have the potential to become aware of holistic reality with vastly more insight and understanding than conventionally limited consciousness allows us to perceive.

In the apparent duality our trained thinking assumes, some of the choices to be made involve the determination of whether an action is bad or good. There are gray areas of course, but many activities that humans have chosen to pursue appear to be of an evil nature.

Fortunately, goodness also exists, and there are people dedicated to that as well.

Every second, every thought, every cell, every subatomic particle is changing, moving, vibrating, all influenced by consciousness as we express it. If we can learn how to enhance awareness and guide our thinking, we can proceed more directly in a positive mode, a “yes-wise” direction of goodness.

Hypnotized, fascinated and preoccupied with illusions of separation and fear, how many of us have missed out on comprehending the full understanding of holistic love?

Evil arises from severe separation from love. The planning and development of the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom, its goal of full spectrum dominance, its war on humanity with public poisons, financial bondage, psychological operations and human trafficking, are all expressions of evil intent.

Goodness is the outgrowth of the power of holistic love. Now, by the very present attention on the idea of goodness and holistic love, we are already advancing in awareness. In holistic reality, we consciously heal and grow to recognize and realize our potential.

The practice of self observation and intentional focusing of creative life energy for good, reveals the conscious loving holistic reality that manifests and sustains all that is.