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Acid and Alkaline Balance for Natural Health

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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An overly acid body is unhealthy. A common step to better health is to alkalize the body. Having the pH balance within in a healthy range is crucially important. A healthy body is slightly alkaline.

There are dietary choices and nutritional supplements that alkalize. Most fruits, vegetables and herbs are alkaline-forming, as are better forms of calcium and other mineral supplements. Meats, dairy, wheat and most other grains are acidifying. So are coffee, soda pop, beer, wine and sugar.

The blood pH of 7.35-7.45 is absolutely critical, and the body will take from other tissues what calcium and other minerals are needed to maintain that range, especially the bones.

Very expensive machines developed in Asia are sold to alkalize water, some using a combination of chemicals, filters and electronic water treatment. Some of these do not really purify the water in treating it to raise the pH.

What less expensive method is there to help bring the appropriate level of alkalinity to drinking water?

An alkalizing cartridge can be used with high quality water purification. It should especially be used for correcting reverse osmosis water. RO tends to produce water that is lower in pH, too acidic for good health.

The re-mineralizing alkalizer cartridge from WaterUS.com contains calcium and magnesium carbonates to restore both mineral value and alkalinity to the water, as well as infrared energy for additional health benefits. This is a safer and healthier way to correct water pH, which will help in maintaining the alkalinity of the blood.