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Greater Wisdom About Elitists

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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We live in the illusion of separation, reinforced by the scripted false realities of media, politics, business, law, medicine and religion. Who set all this up? Who benefits?

The elitist cabal of wealthy psychopaths that have run the dominant global institutions for centuries, have developed ever more sophisticated systems for dividing and manipulating people to maintain and tighten control.

The narcissistic thinking and behavior of those in positions of power is sometimes taken to horrific extremes. At the root of it is a mistaken identification with the ego, the organizing function of consciousness.

To make plans and accomplish tasks the ego pretends that the describable personality of the individual body and mental activity is independent of all other apparent individuals. The ego  assumes it is distinct from and in competition with other individuals, so it operates through strategies that reaffirm its sense of being in control as it seeks gratification, accomplishments and awards.

In reality, there is consciousness, which incorporates both wonderful and terrible ideas and experiences. We all share in what happens. No individual personality is isolated from the rest or permanent.

The personality, the body, the brain, the ego, are altogether like your clothing. When you are done wearing a garment, you through it in the laundry or put it back in your closet.

Yet consciousness goes on, and the part of it that one of us expresses and experiences is part of who we all are.

Let us restore natural health, learn greater wisdom, prepare to survive and help each other make life better.