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Holistic Analysis of the Economic Situation

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Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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The U.S. economy has never fully recovered since the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the crash of 2008.

The dollar, which is no longer exclusively used in the oil trade, is losing its world reserve status. Other currencies are increasingly being used in international trade.

The next step may be the downfall of debt-based currency, particularly the dollar. The dollar’s strength has been maintained a while longer as a “safe haven” for money to be parked around the world during a time of economic uncertainty, while the markets have been sustained by manipulation.

It is expected that the bubbles will be popping soon. A trigger that sets off a financial crash could result in plummeting stock prices, locking of bond redemptions, bank closings and wiping out of paper assets values, all spreading like the wildfires out west.

The collapse will be fed by the exposure of banks, companies and governments to the ridiculous derivative contracts on sub-prime assets. Real estate may decline dramatically without funds for loans.

There is speculation that the geo-engineered hurricane crises in Texas, the Carribean and Florida, and the western fires may serve as a cover for the financial crash. The economic impact from these disasters is expected to be strongly felt and may ultimately be blamed for the collapse.

There is little time for completing preparedness for the economic changes already underway.