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Greater Wisdom About Deception

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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In the aftermath of World War II and the rise of Communism, there was a clear perception by most thinking people of the propaganda used by totalitarians and others in positions of influence. People were inclined to question articles, editorials, speeches, etc.

In the 1950’s and 60’s there was still a significant measure of critical thinking built in to the education process. The ability to identify faulty logic and propaganda was commonly taught.

Over the last 50 years a gradual transition in education has made it primarily a process of following instructions with authorized information delivered uncritically to be memorized.

The educational system has been modified to be compatible with the “psyence“, the hypnosis, public poisons for the brain and subtle propaganda of controlled media. We are presented with the narratives of think tank created concepts, embellished spun stories and staged events. Universities offer the officially prepared versions of most academic subjects, especially history, economics, psychology and science.

Deceptive manipulation is the modus operandi of the elitists behind the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom. To the degree that people allow themselves to be subjected to the modalities and technologies of preoccupation, deception and mind control, they are thinking and operating within false realities.

Those of us awakening to the deceptions would do well to develop creative ways to share the knowledge with others who are less aware. With enough people knowing the scope of the deception and who is behind it, the process of organizing teams to help change things for the better will be strengthened.