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Surviving Public Poisons

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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There are many toxic agents in our environment that effect our health. Most people are unaware of their exposure to many of the hidden public poisons.

Geo-engineering chemtrails fill the skies multiple days a week. Electromagnetic pollution (emf) from cell phone and wifi transmissions are among the many harmful influences we routinely experience.

There are hundreds of toxins in our food, medicines, water, air and living spaces. Personal care products, home and auto care items and many new home furnishings are usually contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Fluoride, chlorine, aluminum, barium, mercury, aspartame, sodium laurel sulfate, propylene glycol, glyphosate and numerous other herbicides, pesticides, fumigants and other toxic agents are some of the most common of these.

More than 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of routine drug. A huge portion, perhaps as much as half of the people on the road may be on a medicine that effects their brain and reaction time. Medications are poisons that are taken with the knowledge and consent of the consumer. Many others are not obvious.

Key knowledge, detoxification, a natural lifestyle and emf protection are also crucial to better health with the depopulation challenges we are facing. Use the best cleansing aids, antioxidantssuper foodsherbs, essential oils, minerals and other natural nutrients.