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Immunization and Vaccination

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jonathon Miller

Jonathon Miller


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Are medical immunization of children and “flu shots” necessary? Are vaccinations required by law?

Most of the population has been convinced by the ongoing promotion of childhood vaccinations and flu shots to accept the idea that these are needed. What is the real motive?

Vaccines, fluoride and geo-engineering aerosols are part of a population control protocol developed by the elitist powers that want a less intelligent, health-challenged population, while making profits for their medical tyranny. Vaccination is a major method of delivering public poisons early and repeatedly.

The push for vaccinations is an agenda of toxification, not a health benefit. Vaccines have living and dead viruses, some of them altered, toxic metals and other chemicals that can reduce intelligence, create terrible health problems like autism and shorten life. 

“Immunization” is heavily promoted by medicine and media even though it is a toxic shock to the body. Some viruses and vaccines have been engineered on purpose for population reduction. The cabal elitists want to make vaccinations compulsory.

Vaccination is a major danger, a commercial myth, a falsified practice that serves the profit interests of the medical establishment and its owners. It also serves as a tool for the strategists of depopulation. We must learn to avoid this health-impairing toxic contamination of the body.

It is wise to reject this ill-informed practice. Learn to support a healthy immune system instead.